The Hannah for Abby Fun-Raiser was a huge success.  We were able to raise $3000.00 to go towards the cost of her peanut detection dog.  Special Thanks to the sponsors and everyone who played as well as all participants.


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Abby Event Organization



February 7th 2015 - Acadiana Park


Flight Club will be hosting a mixed doubles event for Abby Mondy to help raise money to offset the cost of her peanut detection dog for college.  The format will be a mixed doubles format meaning a seasoned disc golfer will be teamed with a non seasoned golfer.  Examples are:  Junios, spouses, novice or recreational players.  Registration for this event will be available soon.  So far there will be meals for a small fee, t-shirts, and lots of prizes and extras.  All proceeds from this event will go to Abby for her fundraiser.  If you want to sponsor this event in any way, please let me know.  If you know someone who may want to sponsor, please refer to this link for the sponsorship flyer..  Sponsorship Flyer

Here is a little more about Abby's fundraiser, her story, and a link to donate on her account.   Any help is greatly appreciated.  More info to come including flyers for the event and pricing!!!!




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Hello friends, family, friends of family and friends of friends!

My name is Abby Mondy. I am trying to raise money to help in the purchase of a peanut detection dog. After having four reactions within the first nine weeks of school, I am nervous about not only going to school but also going into “uncontrolled” environments. I will be starting college in the fall of 2015 and it will be scary enough to start a new journey much less one where I don’t know anyone or have someone there to help me be aware of everything in my surroundings. My mom and I have contacted several places across the country that train these service animals. The organization that we are choosing to go with is Southern Star Ranch in Florence, TX ( because it seems like the best fit for me. Training my peanut detection dog has begun. She is a German Short-haired Pointer and her name is Hannah. Training takes a long time which is why it is so expensive and we will have two weeks of handler training at their facility when Hannah is ready. Depending on how she progresses, it is estimated to be late spring.

Due to my severe allergy, I have never been able to just go over to a friend’s house or try a bite of something. I play softball, disc golf, and enjoy running and I know my team always has my back with everything including my severe allergy and my asthma. I currently play at my high school and on two travel teams. I have made All-District for the past two years and am hoping to make it again as a senior. I was also selected as an Under-Armour Pre-Season All American for 2014. Sometimes the people that I am around on a regular basis forget or have something that could cause a reaction and don’t even realize it. Having Hannah will help detect these types of things and hopefully keep the allergic reactions from happening.

The cost of Hannah’s training and my handler training will be $15,000 without travel. Any help would really be appreciated.


Please be sure to visit her donation website @


Please give any amount you can to Abby to help get this dog so that she can safely go to college.  She notices every donation and is extremely greatful for everything.  She's already feeling the love of Flight Club with this event and our goal ois to make her cry like a baby at the end of our event!!!


Stay tuned for more info.

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