Flight Club Lafayette

 Bag Tag Program

(revised for Season 12)



  • To grow the sport of disc golf.
  • To demonstrate membership in the Lafayette Flight Club.
  • To promote fair play and competition among members of the Lafayette Flight Club.
  • To test the practicality of a program where members compete in challenges outside of league sessions.


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The Bag Tag Sessions will be throughout a 1 Season time period.  Normal Season running time is about 6 months.


The Bag Tag Program consists of a set of numbered bag tags, tag holders, and the Flight Club website which serves to manage the details of the program.

The first three tags are "gold", meaning they are normally of a different color than the rest.

Tag holders are those persons who have purchased a bag tag. Tags are to be affixed to the holder's disc bag. To participate in a tag match, players must have their tags physically with them.

The Flight Club website includes several features for managing the program. These features will allow players to view the full list of tag holders, view the current point standings for the program, and submit requests for changes.

During the course of the season, about half of the league sessions will be tag matches. If a player has their tag physically with them, they automatically are in the tag match. Tags are exchanged after each match depending on the outcome. At the end of the season, prizes are awarded to the holders of the three lowest tags. A prize is also awarded to the "Tag Warrior"; the tag warrior prize is based on a points system (explained below).

Players also have the ability to submit requests to change tag holder information on the Bag Tag page on facebook. This is intended for "tag challenges" that occur outside of regular matches. This feature will help determine the requirements of a more comprehensive tag program in the future. If a request meets the requirements (explained below), bag tag details will be updated in the FC website (including points).

A person who participates in the bag tag program agrees to meet several requirements:

  1. Have their tag physically with them during any match.
  2. Play fairly during any tag match.
  3. Accept the results of a tag match and amiably exchange tags.
  4. Report the loss of a tag.
  5. Ensure their current tag number is listed with Flight Club.


The current bag tag program coincides with the current Flight Club League. Bag tag matches will terminate following the last season match. Requests for changes (based on "tag challenges") will be accepted up the Final Match (if there is one). No challenges can be made afterwards: prizes will be awarded at the conclusion of the Final Match, or the beginning of the following season.

Bag Tag Matches

Bag tag matches are regular Flight Club league sessions where tags are also put up for competition. In these matches, bag tags are "in play". When tags are "in play", it is either "by card" or "all in":

  1. "in play by card" - tag holders playing together on a card are playing for those tags held by them only. Players are responsible for exchanging tags immediately after the round is complete.
  2. "in play all in" - all tag holders in the league session are playing for all tags being carried. Tags are submitted to the administrator at sign in; the administrator distributes the tags in the correct order immediately after scores are tallied.

Tag Warrior points (explained below) are applied by the administrator following a match and can be found in the Season Standings Tab of the website.

Bag Tag Challenges

The results of challenges between tag holders outside of league sessions will be recognized if the challenge meets certain requirements and is submitted to the Flight Club Bag Tag FaceBook Page. The following are the requirements for a valid tag challenge:

  1. The results are submitted within 24 hours of the completed challenge via the Bag Tag Facebook page.
  2. The challenge consisted of an 18-hole round played from an agreed upon tee placement.
  3. All tag holders in the group carried their tags with them through the challenge.
  4. All tag holders in the group played for tags; tags were correctly exchanged immediately after the challenge.
  5. At least two players completed the challenge.
  6. The course, the players, tag holder info (before and after), scores, and the date are included in the submission.
  7. Two players cannot participate in a tag match alone for more than 2 matches per week. (Example: Tim and Tom have 2 tag matches on Tuesday, they cannot submit another tag round if playing alone until the following Tuesday)
  8. It must be declaired and agreed the the following match or tournament round will be a Bag Tag round before the round begins.

It is encouraged that tag holders participate in challenges to generate discussion about the issues involved in coordinating/administrating such challenges. 

The Tag Warrior Points System

The points system provides several benefits to the program:

  1. Allows players to participate in the program who cannot regularly attend league sessions.
  2. Provides a way to recognize active players besides those holding "Gold" (Top 5) tags.
  3. Encourages less skilled players to challange skilled players to rounds outside of league events for points in order to help improve their abilities.
  4. Gives less skilled or seasoned players a chance to earn pounts fairly with skilled players during the season.

Points will be awarded after each tag match automatically. Points will be awarded for a tag challenge that meets the requirements.

Each tag holder will be awarded 5 Points for each match/challenge they complete. If a player improves their tag number as a result of a match/challenge, they receive a point for each tag number they improve. Each tag holder who defended (kept) his/her tag from players with higher tag numbers will be awarded 5 points per player that they defended their tag from.  The following is an example of how points will be allocated:

Joe, Steve and Bob head to the park and decide to have a tag round.  Everyone makes sure they have their tags on them.  They all 3 agree that this will be a tag round before it begins.

Joe  #7

Steve  #10

Bob    #47

Joe finished the round with a 54.   Steve Finished the round with a 65.  Bob finished the round with a 57.

Joe keeps Tag #7 and is awarded 5 Points for playing the tag round, and 10 points (5+5) for defending his tag from both Steve and Bob.

Steve goes from tag #10 to #47.  He is awarded 5 points for playing in a tag round.

Bob goes from #47 to #10.  He is awarded 5 points for participating in a tag round and 37 points for his tag advancement (47-10).

The top 3 players having the most points at the scheduled end of the program are the Tag Warriors.

Rules for Exchanging Tags

Players are listed by score from lowest to highest. Tags are listed by number from lowest to highest. The player at the top of the list receives the tag number at the top of the list and so on. In the event of a tie score, the player with the lowest tag to start with receives the lowest of the tags involved in the tie and so on. In the event a player does not finish, the player receives the highest tag number. In the event that multiple players do not finish, one of two methods are used:

  1. The players quit seperately. They receive the highest numbered tag in the order they quit.
  2. The players quit together. The player that started with the highest numbered tag receives the highest numbered tag available and so on.

In the event that a match is "called off", all players receive their original tag numbers: this includes those players who may have quit prior to the decision (regardless for the reason they quit).


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