Flight Club was formed in 2010 by a group of disc golfers seeking to bring the lone players of this fast growing sport together.  With only one club in the area, these guys wanted to bring some fresh ideas and formats to the game. As our core group of consistant players began to grow, we decided to reach out to other players who play with only a few people.  We got together and started voicing our ideas on play formats, scoring options, advertising and financial requirements.  After a little planing and much excitement, we decided to give it a shot.  We purchased a box of prize discs, minis, shirts and stickers from Discraft, developed a logo, and had it printed on the back side of the shirts.  We decided to start the event at PA Davis park because we would often see players playing alone or in groups of 2 or 3 at a time.  The event started in the spring and this park is much more open than Acadiana Park and we hoped this would bring more players to us.  We created a web site, flyers and pages on social networking sites such as FaceBook.    We collected our core group and decided on a schedule.  Once the games started going and our formats were put to the test, we found our participants to be very satisfied.  We are now pursuing sponsors and receiving donations from businesses to help get our club started.  Our mission is to have a club that is self-sufficient, respected, fun, friendly, reliable and popular.  We hope to bring players of all skill levels together to enjoy the sport and help keep the courses we have clean and maintained in hopes that more courses will be built soon.  Our club will always be member controlled and no one's opinion will be ignored.  Our accounting will always be 100% transparent.  Our formats, scoring and match-ups will always be fair.  We will always be looking out for new players to improve making the sport more fun for them.

Lets grow this club with good, honest people who want to improve and help improve others.  This is a fairly new sport and is very new to this area so we have a great opportunity to increase it's local popularity.

See you on the field!!

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