Skins Format


“Skins” format refers to a standard singles format in which players play out holes as they would in a normal singles stroke match. All strokes are counted on scorecards as normal. “Skins” is a term used for points awarded to the player who wins a given hole outright.

For example:

               Bob, Tom, and Gary play hole 1. Bob shoots 3, Tom shoots 4, and Gary shoots 4. In this case, Bob would be awarded 1 Skin/Point for winning this hole.

In the case of a tie for the hole, the skin/point carries over to the next hole. This continues until the hole is won outright by a player.

For example:

               Bob, Tom, and Gary have played the last 4 holes and each hole resulted in at least 2 players having a tie for lowest score. On hole 5, Bob shoots a 2, Tom and Gary shoot 4’s. In this case, Bob would be awarded the skin/points from the past tie holes in addition to this hole giving him 5 points.

Skins/points are kept track of on Flight Club scorecards as each hole progresses. For holes that have not been won, the box is left black. When a player wins a hole, each box that resulted in a tie is backfilled.

Here is an example of skins/points being filled out on our scorecards:

               7-4-2014 4-15-03 PM        

The player with the most skin/points at the end of a round is the winner. The skins/points earned here will go towards that player’s Season Points. Ties in total skins/points will result in a tie breaker to be decided on a per-incident basis. If a card finishes 18 holes and there are unclaimed skins/points left for the last holes, those points will be divided evenly among the players.

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