Putters Challenge

This Flight Club format is a singles stroke format that allows players to only use putters as their legal discs. Discs must be deemed putters by the manufacturer. A player can use as many putters as they want. Players can carry all discs during the match as normal. Any player may question a disc used in a match to be a legal putter. The group then decides if the disc is legal or not. Any player caught throwing an illegal disc will be warned and must re-throw. Any subsequent infractions will result in a re-throw with a legal disc and 1 stroke penalty.

If a player loses all putters during a round, that player must forfeit the round due to lack of proper equipment.

Scoring will be done as a normal singles stroke match. Points will be awarded on a per card basis as follows: 1st place player will receive 9 points, 2nd place 6 points, and 3rd place 3 points.

The purpose of this format is to show players what they are capable of when using a putter as an approach or driver disc. It also helps players develop focus on shots and concentrate of disc grip and control. Players will often find new flight paths for courses after playing the entire course with putters.

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