Split Doubles

Flight Club’s version of a split doubles format is a way for players to earn points and play in a group of players with matching stroke averages while having the aid of a teammate playing in their own separate group.

Teams are created based on Flight Club stroke averages for players. Players with highest stroke averages are teamed with players of lowest stroke averages. This allows for the fairly matched teams throughout the field. This format also allows for a doubles match to be played and still have players record a singles score to help their Flight Club average.

Scoring during play is the same as normal singles stroke play. The scorecards are the same cards used for singles stroke play and all rules and procedures are the same.

At the end of the round, player’s scores are recorded, their calculated handicaps are applied to their individual scores, and the 2 player’s scores are added together. This gives a total team score.

The top 3rd teams in the field are awarded cash or prizes. Points are awarded on a per card basis and a team basis.

Per Card: The top player on each card is awarded 9 points, the 2nd player 6 points, and the 3rd place player 3 points.

Per Team: Each player on a team that cashes out in the field will receive 6 additional points.

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