3 Disc Challenge

Flight Club’s 3 disc challenge follows the normal rules and procedures of normal stroke play singles disc golf in rules and scoring with the exception of the discs used.

A player chooses 3 discs before starting a match. They can be any 3 discs that can be normally used for play. These discs can be carried with all of the other discs or alone. If carried in a bag with all other discs, you must show each player in your group what 3 discs you will be playing with.   At any time during the round a player may question a disc you are throwing to be legal. The group then decides if the disc is a declared challenge disc. Using the wrong disc will result in a warning and a re-throw with a legal disc. Subsequent infractions will result in re-throws with legal discs plus a 1 stroke penalty.

No discs can be substituted once the round begins. If a player loses a disc during the round, he/she must play the round with the 2 remaining discs.

Points are awarded on a per card basis as follows: 1st Place get 9 points, 2nd place gets 6 points, and 3rd place gets 3 points.

The purpose of this format is to take the burden of choosing from a selection of discs that may be too broad and allows them to focus on the disc they chose. This will allow a player to learn how their 3 discs work on all holes and teach fundamentals of disc control instead of having a disc for each home course hole.

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